• Image of PROSECCO PONG
  • Image of PROSECCO PONG

Prosecco has made a comeback in 2017 and what better to celebrate than with a game of PROSECCO PONG!

This is a far more sophisticated and glamourous version of beer pong and you're going to love playing it and getting merry with all your friends whilst doing so!

Fill the plastic wide prosecco saucers up, line up and using the 3 pink ping pong balls take aim and let the fun and drinking begin! But please drink responsibly.

The perfect secret santa gift for a Prosecco drinking friend, or buy it for the office Christmas party!


Dimensions: 29cm(W) x 18cm(H) x 9.5cm(D)

Materials: Plastic Prosecco Glasses x 12

Plastic Pink Ping Pong Balls x 3